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We provide proptech firms with a strategic edge by delivering in-depth insights into market trends, emerging technologies, and competitor activities on the local market. By harnessing data analytics, these services enable proptech companies to make informed decisions, refine their product offerings, and identify growth opportunities. 

PT Serbia goes beyond data collection; we offer actionable recommendations and strategic guidance based on the information gathered. Whether it's assessing market demand for a new proptech solution, tracking regulatory changes that may impact the industry, or understanding customer preferences, these insights servs to empower proptech companies to fine-tune their strategies for success on the local market. With our guidance, proptech companies can optimize their operations and enhance their competitive positioning.

Our custom approach includes services such as:

  • Market analysis;

  • Specific market research upon request;

  • Business development;

  • Identifying and organising meetings with stakeholders and interest groups.

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