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The only proptech organisation in Serbia

The real estate industry is going through a radical change. We are here to connect the dots.

The PropTech Serbia association is founded with the mission to support the development and implementation of innovative tech solutions in the real estate industry.

By helping the property industry feel more confident about adopting and investing in innovation, we encourage development of the proptech market in Serbia.

We take our international relationships very seriously and develop meaningful relationships with other proptech organizations around the world.

Our set of services is tailored to proptech companies that want to expand their activities to Serbia.

2020. founded with a cause.


Proptech companies face the usual challenges of going to market, educating and engaging users, testing solutions, accessing data, establishing standards, managing change, and dealing with rapid growth.


Increasing activity on the real estate market and greater competition impose the need for innovative business models and the use of technology for more efficient operations, a better competitive position and attracting clients.


Proptech involves various aspects of real estate like marketing, buying and selling, construction, and managing both commercial and residential properties. The use of new technology in these areas is becoming more common. Right now, there are no set rules or organized groups to represent proptech companies. But using technology can help these companies work better, be more competitive, and attract more customers.


The proptech sector is undergoing a dynamic and rapid transformation, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a significant catalyst for its growth. The real estate industry is encountering novel challenges, prompting the emergence of innovation and a heightened reliance on digitization and contemporary technologies. These elements are progressively assuming a pivotal role in shaping the landscape and fostering the advancement of the real estate market.

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